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Double Diamond Quality

                                       RICHMOND is the leading manufacturer of professional quality, hi-                                                  performance ring and pinion sets. For over 80 years, the Double                                                      Diamond has signified the highest quality gears in the racing industry!

                                       The superior quality of RICHMOND Performance Products is a result of
                                       continual research and development, outstanding design and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Extensive testing is performed on all RICHMOND products. Engineered to perform faster and more reliable, our products are winners both at the Daytona 500 and U.S. Nationals for decades!

Extreme Traction
                                      RICHMOND is proud to offer two series of Powertrax® extreme traction                                           differentials to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Lock-Right is                                         proven for brute force off-road applications. The newPowertrax® system                                       is the premier line that combines the highest degree of traction output                                           with superb street driving characteristics.

Double Diamond Quality
                                       RICHMOND's "Bullet Proof" transmissions are packed with power and                                            speed. The superior quality is a result of constant research and                                                      development and extensive testing at our facilities. Outstanding                                                      engineering design has made the DOUBLE DIAMOND gearing the winner                                        at the track or on the street.

                                       Professional quality and our enthusiastic approach to drivers who demand winning performance are built into every transmission and gear set that carries the RICHMOND name.

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